Psychotherapy that promotes connection, authenticity, and emotional well-being

Throughout our lives we have an inherent desire to cultivate a sense of meaning, joy, and wellness, but often don’t know where to start. By seeking therapy, you are beginning your path towards enhancing your life.

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Do you seek a loving and passionate relationship with your partner? Trust and mutual admiration between you and your family? A healthy and empowered relationship with yourself? 

Healthy relationships like these are an essential component to individual well-being.

An Integrative Approach to Working with Individuals, Couples, and Adolescents

I view each client as a dynamic and layered individual and tailor my integrative approach to your unique concerns. Deeply connecting with my clients, together we will create a safe space in which to empower, explore, and discover the insights that lead to lasting change. In therapy, I utilize my wide scope of modalities and training in order to honor the multi-dimensional layers of your intrapersonal and interpersonal life. 


This is an exciting time in the field of psychology. Now more than ever we are able to harness the power of change. Due to current scientific and research capabilities, professionals are able to observe neurological processes in the brain which aids my work as a therapist, and supports you as a client. As a result of recent developments in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology I am able to assist you in self-regulation, self-soothing, and re-connection with your partner. This knowledge supports the work involved in therapy as a successful device for lasting change. 

Now is a wonderful time to embark upon your journey towards relationship well-being.


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Couples Therapy

As human beings we crave connection 

Yet what happens when the connection in our relationship fades or becomes unhealthy? Couples therapy is the answer. 

Benefits of Couples Therapy can include:

  • Reinvigorated sense of passion and connection

  • Increased emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Rediscovered appreciation and play

  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution

  • Repair and bonding after a betrayal

  • A safe and supportive environment

  • Healing for the individual, as well as for the relationship


Relationships come in many different forms

Are you currently in or considering an alternative relationship relationship style? Many clients withhold this information from their therapists due to social stigma. As a non-judgmental, sex positive therapist, I believe that creating a healthy and satisfying relationship configuration is highly dependent on open communication. Therapy is an excellent place to negotiate the terms so that your relationship is safe and fulfilling for all parties involved.  



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2109 Hamilton Rd, Suite 214, Okemos MI, 48864  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 4101006894 MFT107938



 Individual Therapy

Well-being begins From within

As a dynamic and layered individual you have specific needs and expectations that we will tailor to fit you. Together, we will utilize your strengths in order to challenge the obstacles that are present in your life so that you may uncover your thriving self. I don't believe in a cookie cutter approach. My personal philosophy is one in which I view my clients as individual and unique.

A key component to a successful therapeutic process is the relationship between the therapist and client. I strive to create a sense of safety through empathy, honesty, and a little humor when appropriate. I take a collaborative stance in order to honor and empower my clients. 

Like a ripple in water…

Individual therapy can be a space where transformation occurs, not only in oneself, but in those around us. Often when one member of a family or relationship enters individual therapy, they may become equipped with the tools necessary to influence positive change in others.  Even when you decide to embark upon your journey alone, you may find that your transformation promotes meaningful growth in your relationships. 


Finding the balance of individuality and belonging

Adolescence is an important time in which we begin to discover and formulate our identity and sense of self. Teens often have difficulty juggling the multi-faceted expectations of school, family, friends, and future, all while trying to discover themselves.

In my work with teens, I provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which your adolescent can freely talk about issues that may be uncomfortable for them to discuss with other adults in their lives. By expanding a teen’s support system beyond their family, friends, and teachers, adolescents are able to process difficult situations, strengthen their communication skills, increase resiliency, improve grades, and regulated their emotions more effectively. 

Developmentally, adolescents are seeking to differentiate from their parents, while finding their place in society. In therapy, I help my clients navigate both tasks in a safe and healthy manner. 

Premarital Counseling

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of CURE 

Are you currently on or heading towards the path of engagement? Premarital Counseling is crafted distinctly to help you learn to both celebrate and navigate the road ahead. 

As a relationship therapist trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, we will utilize the groundbreaking research that identifies the qualities that constitute a Master Relationship. Sessions will include a personalized assessment of your relationship in order to discover the strengths and areas of growth for you and your partner.    



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